Feb 03, 2016 · Scale factor is the ratio between the length of any linear component of the image to the length of its corresponding original component. Scaling is a transformation of objects on a plane that is characterized by (a) the center of scaling O (b) scaling factor f!=0.
1. Create a point with the point tool. (this will be the centre of dilation) 2. Create a polygon with the polygon tool. 3. Select the Dilate tool. 4. Click on the polygon . 5. Click on the point created in step one. 6. Enter the scale factor (2, 3, 1/2 or whatever) in the input window and click OK. If you have more questions just ask.

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Finding Perimeter and Area after a Dilation The triangle shown has side lengths of 3 inches, 4 inches, and 5 inches. Find the perimeter and area of the image when the triangle is dilated by a scale factor of (a) 2, (b) 3, and (c) 4. SOLUTION Perimeter: P = 5 + 3 + 4 = 12 in. Area: A = 1— 2 (4)(3) = 6 in.2 Scale factor: k Perimeter: kP Area: k2A
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A dilation used to create an image smaller than the original is called a reduction. To describe a dilation we need two things: a scale factor and a center of dilation. The scale factor tells us how the size of the “new” figure compares to the size of the old one. If the scale factor is 1, then the two figures will be exactly the same size.
a figure is then multiplied by a number, called the scale factor, to produce the dilated image . • If the scale factor is greater than 1, the dilation will enlarge the original figure . • If the scale factor is between 0 and 1, the dilation will shrink the original figure . A scale factor of 1 does not affect the size of a figure .

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•In order to be a dilation, all side lengths must fit the scale factor. The same is true of points. –If point A is located at (2,5)and point A’ is located at (4,10)then a dilation occurred with a scale factor of 2 (𝑘=2). –Both the X and Y value will multiply by the SAME scale factor.
Show that triangle DFE is the image of triangle ABC under a dilation with center at the origin, and find the scale factor. Solution: The image of A is given by (–1, –3) --> (–1 k , –3 k ). If D is that image, then –1 k = 2 and –3 k = 6.

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The key thing is that the dilation value affects the distance between two points. As in the first example (dilation by a factor of 3), A is originally 1 unit down from P and 2 units to the left of P. 1*3 = 3, so A' (the dilated point) should be 3 units down from P. 2*3 = 6, so A' should be 6 units to the left of P.
the scale factor. OR Multiply the horizontal and vertical distance between each point on the pre-image and the center of dilation by the scale factor. Examples Scale Factor is 3: (x, y) → (3x, 3y) Scale Factor is ¾: (x, y) → (¾x, ¾y)

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as the center and a scale factor of 4. Select the Dilate From Point tool. Click on the object to dilate, and then click on the center of dilation. When the dialog box opens, enter the scale factor. Fractions can be written with plain text, ex. 1/2. Click Use the Ray tool and the Distance tool to verify. Dilate
Given the preimage ∆ABC, identify the coordinates of and draw the image of ∆A'B'C' under dilation about the origin of ratio 3. Our scale factor is 3, meaning each vertex in ∆A'B'C' will be three times the distance from the origin as its preimage vertex.

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Jun 16, 2016 · You know the length of one of the sides of the first figure and you know the scale factor. To figure out the new length, you can multiply the scale factor times the first length. The answer is 12. The length of the corresponding side of the second figure is 12 feet.
7. A triangle has the following vertices: (1;1), (6;2), and (3;5). If the triangle undergoes a dilation with a scale factor of 3, what will be the vertices of the image?

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All of the original distances are multiplied by the same scale factor. For example, triangle is a dilation of triangle. The center of dilation is and the scale factor is 3. This means that every point of triangle is 3 times as far from as every corresponding point of triangle.
3.) Image: Dilation Example Check out this image. This is an example of a dilation. Can you see what is going on here? Maybe you have noticed that the black triangle is a pre-image and the red triangle is the result of a transformation. This transformation is called a "dilation." In the next video I will use this image as a reference.

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2. If a scale factor is less than 1, then your figure gets 3. If a scale factor is greater than 1, then your figure gets Graph the dilated image of triangle JKL using a = and (0,0) as the center of dilation. Compare the slopes of the sides of the triangle: Slope: JK = J L J = —22 L'J' Graph the dilated image of quadrilateral
Test Outline: Dilations and Scale Factor Date: 12/21/16 and 12/22/16 Format: Scored out of 65 total points Wednesday - 15 Multiple Choice (30 points) Thursday - 8 Short Response (35 points) Topics: Constructing Dilations Using the Ratio Method Triangle Side Splitter Theorem Effects of Dilations on Triangles, Circles, Angles, Lines, etc.

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∆ABC about point P using a Scale Factor of 2. Make a conjecture about what seems to be true about ∆ ABC. and its image, ∆ ABC '' '. When a triangle is dilated about a point with Scale Factor 2, the pre -image triangle and the image triangle seem to have the same shape, but a different size. Corresponding angles appear to have the same ...
This video shows show to dilate a triangle on the coordinate plane by a scale factor of 1/2 and by a scale factor of 2/3.Purchase dilation workbook including...
Dilations And Scale Factors Answer Key - Displaying top 8 worksheets found for this concept.. Some of the worksheets for this concept are Dilations and scale factors independent practice work, Identifying scale factors 1, Name date dilations and scale factors, Pa finding scale factor work, Unit 9 dilations practice answer key, Dilationstranslationswork, Name dilations, Dilations date period.
A triangle ABC with vertices at "(2, -2), 3), C(-4, -2) is reflected over the x-axis, dilated with scale factor of 2 about the origin, and then translated 3 units down and 2 units left. Graph both the original triangle and thefinal image after all transformations have been performed, label all coordinates.
the scale factor. OR Multiply the horizontal and vertical distance between each point on the pre-image and the center of dilation by the scale factor. Examples Scale Factor is 3: (x, y) → (3x, 3y) Scale Factor is ¾: (x, y) → (¾x, ¾y)

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